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Wild Ones Stat Points: Everything you need to know

wild ones stat points
Do not spend your Stat Points until you've read this guide! You may end up regretting it. Instead, first check out what this new feature is all about so you can give your pet the power-up it needs.

Today, Wild Ones revealed a new feature available to all players: Stat Points. Essentially, this is a way of boosting your pet's speed, strength, and health without using common Wild Ones hacks and cheats, so there's no risk of getting banned. Woohoo!

Stat Points come in three varieties Strength (upgrades Strength), Dexterity (upgrades Speed), and Vitality (upgrades Health). However, they can be complicated to use and difficult to see their effect on the game. Fortunately, we've got everything there is to know when dealing with Wild Ones Stat Points.

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wild ones stat points
Just by signing into Wild Ones and clicking the My Pets button, you'll see you already have been gifted 20 free Stat Points to attribute to any pet you want. Unfortunately, pets don't share stat points so you'll have to upgrade them individually. Another thing to note is that Stat Points have no effect on Skill Matches as that would essentially defeat the point of the battle.

Make sure not to blow away your Stat Points, they're hard to come by. To gain more you either have to add neighbors or purchase them. I recommend heading to the Wild Ones forums or the Wild Ones fanpages and trying to round up as many neighbors as possible for maximum Stat Pointage.

Should you choose to go the easy and expensive route to amassing Stat Points, the prices are as follows:

    20 Stat Points - 48 Facebook Credits
    45 Stat Points - 99 Facebook Credits
    100 Stat Points - 198 Facebook Credits

The way Stat Points work is simple multiplication. Say you add 50 Stat Points to your strength. Doing so will multiply the ordinary amount of damage you do by 1.50, doing an extra 50 percent.

So if a perfectly fired shot ordinarily does 400 damage, with 50 Stat Points added to your strength a perfect shot would deal 600 damage. If you had 100 Stat Points of strength, your shot would deal 800 damage, doubling the power of your weapons! Considering some of the weapons are extremely powerful already, Stat Points can quickly turn the tides in a battle and with enough dish out or repel massive displays of might.

Health and Speed seem to work the same way. Fifty Stat Points to health or speed will multiply your existing health count or speed by 1.5, bolstering it a great deal. One hundred stat points will double your health or speed, basically creating an unstoppable Wild Ones monster (without using Wild Ones hacks).

My advice? Choose your favorite pet and put all your stats into him. It's not really worth upgrading each attribute of each of your pets just slightly. Putting all your Stat Points into one or two attributes of just one pet will get far more dramatic results.

Stat Points are definitely a controversial Wild Ones feature. People willing to spend the big money basically can upgrade their pets to ridiculous levels.This leaves us mere free game lovers, when confronted, with little choice but to accept a gruesome Wild Ones death. Yet there are other ways to get Stat Points, so with some hard work and careful strategy, us non-payers can hang with the big dogs.

What do you think of the new Wild Ones Stat Points?

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