Thứ Tư, 15 tháng 2, 2012

Cafe World's new Egyptian set gives restaurants the ancient royal treatment

Cafe World: Fit for a Pharaoh
While the patrons in your Cafe World game can't walk like an Egyptian, they can walk into an Egyptian themed restaurant designed by you. Out of the 31 new pieces of decor, which is a pretty small release, exactly 22 items are premium goods requiring Cafe Cash. One US dollar essentially equals 5 Cafe Cash.

The most expensive of these, the Pharovision TV (located in Windows, not Decor), costs 18 Cafe Cash. Runners-up include an animated Peacock that fans its tail and a mummy that pops out of the Tuts Sarcophagus. Two new items of clothing for your workers are both 1,500 Coins each -- Turquoise Nile Top and Elegant Nile Top.

This release was long in coming, considering that Restaurant City came out with its own set back in January. Check out the rest of this post for a full visual preview.
Cafe World Egypt theme

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