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Restaurant City: Master the 'Turducken' dish for a free 'Santa Marzipan'

If most of the words in the headline don't make sense, have no fear! Apparently, a 'turducken' is a dish where a chicken is stuffed inside a duck, which is then stuffed inside a turkey! And a 'marzipan' is a treat made of sugar and almond meal, which are often molded into fun, edible objects. Now Playfish has decided that it's going to honor Christopher Columbus by setting loose the 'Santa Marzipan' in honor of Columbus' real ship, the Santa Maria. And players can get the Santa Marzipan for free by cranking their Turducken to Level 10.

Check out the official word on the item: Christopher Cucumber's famous ship that traversed the seas can now be yours. Just look at her! Magnificent! Watch customers go inside and the animations begin! Effect: Earns 1600 Coins every 4 hours.

The Turducken requires 4 ingredients: Chicken, Turkey, Duck, and Salt. We haven't seen the need for Duck since July's Duck Confit dish, when it was first introduced. No one's used Turkey in a long while either. But Chicken and Salt have been around since the PFC Bowling Alley.

Now that stuff was easily explained away, but the idea of Restaurant City celebrating Columbus Day during the Thanksgiving week is downright odd, because Columbus Day in America was held on October 12th. The only thread that ties the two holidays together is that Canada's Thanksgiving Day was also held on October 12th. But guys, it's nearly the end of November now!

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