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PetVille: New collect 'em all turkeys for Thanksgiving

It's just about Turkey TIme, and PetVille is showing support for the American national holiday by offering a few more last minute Thanksgiving decorations. The biggest new addition is the seemingly endless set of turkeys - each with their own unique personalities and looks to them. There are also a few more exciting new items, so we'll take a peek at what is new.

The Happy Thanksgiving Sign costs 25 Pet Cash, and is a light-up sign with a speeding turkey on it. For the furry critter aficionados in all of us, the Raccoon in Tree costs 25 Pet Cash and is a cute decoration with a fall atmosphere to it. There is a Tree Swing for 14 Pet Cash, Plump Pumpkin Patch for 7,999 coins, Tree with Pond for 17 Pet Cash, Mr. Cob for 13 Pet Cash, and an Owl in Tree for 24 Pet Cash.
The turkeys are a riot, because there is a turkey for just about every mood. The Turkeys in Tree costs 39 Pet Cash, and comes with three turkeys sitting up in a tree. The other turkeys are:

Claire the Mad Turkey - 27 Pet Cash
Haley the Bathing Turkey - 34 Pet Cash
Wild Turkey Luke - 25 Pet Cash
Jay the Lounging Turkey - 44 Pet Cash
Gloria the Sunbathing Turkey - 39 Pet Cash
Mitchel the Relaxed Turkey - 46 Pet Cash
Manny the Dramatic Turkey - 28 Pet Cash
Phil the Pigskin Turkey - 25 Pet Cash
Mitchell the Worried Turkey - 28 Pet Cash

That just about does it for the PetVille fall and Thanksgiving decorations. Check out the Outdoor/Patio store to get your hands on these limited time items before they're gone.

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