Thứ Tư, 15 tháng 2, 2012

Happy Aquarium: Lilo & Stitch-inspired Tank Mates swim into store

The not-so subtle nods to Disney continue in Happy Aquarium with these three latest items in the new Tank Mates section of the in-game store -- Surfer Turtle, Scuba Alien Bear, and Mila, Hula Swimmer. Mila is obviously Lilo, and while the Scuba Alien Bear looks like a pink koala bear, the fact that it's called an "alien" makes it an obvious homage to Stitch, which resembled a blue koala bear.

The game has packaged these three as the "Friends from Hawaii." Unlike the earlier Disney-esque offerings, these are not limited edition items, but they still cost premium money. Scuba Alien Bear is the cheapest at 24 Pearls and 20 Facebook Credits (or $2 USD), followed by Mila at 36 Pearls and 30 FB Credits ($3 USD), and finally, the Turtle is 48 Pearls or 40 FB Credits ($4 USD).

These three also sport a tiny bit of animation. Beneath the Turtle's surfboard is a bit of foam spritzing. The Bear's eyes, hair tuft, and ears move a little. And Mila's eyes will blink occasionally.

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