Thứ Hai, 6 tháng 2, 2012

City Of Wonder welcomes the Pharaoh with new Egyptian items

City of Wonder, one the hottest new Facebook games by Playdom, has introduced its second new item set, the Egyptian collection. Enjoy new military units like the Egyptian chariot and the Sphinx, a cultural icon. This set also brings a new marvel item, the Luxor Temple. Continue reading for a detailed list of the new items and how much they cost (hint: a lot). Every item in the new Egyptian collection costs gold, which is a bummer. If you're cheap like us, it looks like you'll be waitingCity of Wonder Luxor Temple some time to get a hold of these buildings:

    Egyptian House: 150 XP and 100 Population every hour (15 Gold)
    Egyptian Hotel: 200 XP and 380 Population every four hours (20 Gold)
    Egyptian Market: 400 XP and 560 Silver every 11 hours (40 Gold)
    Sphinx: 250 XP and 1180 Happiness, 118 Culture (25 Gold)
    Luxor Temple: 500 XP and 2680 Happiness, 536 Culture (Requires Masonry and Religion to Unlock)

Considering 40 Gold for the Egyptian Market translates to around $10, these items are pretty darn expensive. While they do provide stat boosts and and incremental rewards, are they worth the hefty price tags?

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