Thứ Năm, 2 tháng 2, 2012

City of Wonder land expansion brings total available space to 31x31

One of the biggest concerns players tend to have with city-building games (whether on Facebook or elsewhere) is that you simply run out of room for all of the things you'd like to buy and/or build. With two popular city building games under their belt (Social City being the other), Playdom has learned this first-hand, and has added another land expansion to City of Wonder.

The land expansion brings the maximum amount of space to 31x31, meaning that if your land became a bit overrun with the recent Halloween theme of items, you can rest easy knowing that you can expand your land to hold even more awesome, perhaps ancient, goodies.

The 31x31 land expansion is available to purchase from the Boundaries tab of the store, but remember - you can't skip directly to that expansion without working your way through the other levels first (they won't even appear in your store for you to choose from). Keep playing though, and we're sure you'll have enough coins to earn this expansion in no time!

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