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Treasure Isle new Apes of the Ages maps put monkey wrenches to work

Earlier this week, Zynga teased at new Apes of the Ages Treasure Isle maps. Today, the cheeky monkeys proved good on their word and released a slew of new simian locales for explorers to scavenge for hidden treasure.

You won't want to miss these maps. Not only are they absolutely loaded with treasure AND monkeys, but they're quite fun too. The island designers/comedians at Zynga did a great job creating islands honoring some of history's most respectable apes. Check out what famous chimps are making cameos in Treasure Isle's new Apes of the Ages islands after the break.

Continue reading to see the new maps and learn what it will take to claim their treasures.
treasure isle apes of the ages
Access the new islands by opening up the world map and clicking Apes of the Ages. Then select an island:

    Ape-ollo 19
    Donkey Chong
    Emerald Island
    2011 Ape Odyssey
    Isle of the Apes
    Queen Konga - 13 Island Cash
    Penned Up Pirates - 16 Island Cash

treasure isle apes of the ages
We love the references to various apes in history. Donkey Chong referencing the famous video game brawler, Donkey Kong. 2011 Ape Odyssey parodying classic movie 2001: A Space Odyssey. Ape-ollo 19, Apollo 13. Queen Konga, King Kong. You get the point, the crafty Zynga was clever with their names.
treasure isle apes of the agesPerhaps most exciting to Treasure Isle fans is the monkey wrench. All you wizards of the mysterious Monkey Palace have been wondering what to do with those rare monkey wrenches you've been digging up. With the discovery of the Apes of the Ages islands, those monkey wrenches can finally be put to use. Each island has at least one Monkey Contraption, an impasse causing device that requires at least one monkey wrench to open. To see how many are required place your cursor over the Monkey Contraption and a balloon will appear like the one seen at right.
treasure isle apes of the ages
All kinds of treasures are buried beneath the island, and it's up to you to find them all. Despite two islands costing Island Cash, five gorgeous monkey islands are free to play. Apes of the Ages awaits! Head to Treasure Isle to commence the search and put those monkey wrenches to use. As Johnny Bravo would say: "Do the monkey with me!"

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