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The Release of Angry Birds Game to Android

The much awaited release of the Angry Birds game for the Android was finally unveiled, and largely under estimated by Rovio itself. It has effectively brought the website to a screeching halt due to the enormous demand and download rate of Android users. Even the independent app store, GetJar, which was given exclusive rights to distribute the game, has had some serious slow down and lag issues due to the games popularity and huge fan base. So much so that GetJar has actually recommended users to visit their mobile website from their phones so that can achieve better download rates and alleviate some of the bandwidth from their main site.
Some may ask what is the big deal over the Angry Birds game being released for the Android. Well, for one it is the most popular and successful paid app from the iPhone market and sold more than seven million copies according to VentureBeat, but mainly the commotion is due because the game is being offered for free in its new ad-supported version. The app is not yet offered as a paid version for those who rather pay and not have the ads, but it is in the works and should be offered and available for download from the Android Market soon.
Rovio’s Peter in an interview about the Angry Birds game said that it was being used more than sixty five million minutes per day with just the iPhone paid app and that now with the release of the Android version he predicts that it will rise to be used over one hundred minutes per day.
When Angry Birds game was released for Android GetJar was given exclusive rights to distribute the game for the first twenty four hours before being released to the Android Market. This is a huge deal to help GetJar, a large crossplatform online app store, get a huge boost to help their online awareness. They have been trying to change that through these types of affiliation and now that have gotten a huge break.
Rovio has shown the strength of the Android population with its release of the Angry Birds game online. Android users are definitely growing in numbers and will most certainly surpass those of the iPhone. When Android was first unveiled I was so happy that there was now a competitor to the iPhone, and what better company to be behind all this than Google. Google is out reaching their never ending amount of tentacles and getting into more and more markets every year. Google is definitely a smart and ambitious company and every product they put out is well made and open source, readily available for developers and even made easy for users who want to venture into the development world. As for the Android the only problem so far seems to be the lack of programing rules and restrictions for making apps because many of the apps on the market are poorly programmed and make the Android powered phones encounter problems; though I’m sure that soon those sub-par programs will be weeded out by good developers making quality bug free applications.
Anyway, back to the Angry Birds game, keep a lookout for new platform releases for all of your computing and entertainment devices. Also, stay tuned here at for the latest information and updates about Angry Birds updates, maybe we’ll get new birds soon, and Rovio latest information.

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