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The survival of the Angry Birds is at stake. Dish out revenge on the greedy green pigs who stole the Angry Birds’ eggs. Use the distinctive powers of each bird to wipeout the green pigs castles. Angry Birds game online features stimulating physics-based gameplay and countless hours of fun whenever you feel like winding down and working on your trajectory skills just load it up and start popping pigs. Each of the 195 levels requires skill, logic, and force to solve.Keep in mind these aren’t your typical birds. They are each specialized fighters equipped with unique techniques to help in the struggle of conquering the pigs and getting their poor eggs back, they are not holding anything back. First you will meet the Red angry birds. This bird is like the clans mercenary they pack an average punch and can destroy many of the pigs fortress pieces. Next you will meet the Yellow angry birds. These guys are my favorite and can travel at high speeds when activated plowing through most any obstacle as well as multiple obstacles. Next, you meet the small Blue angry birds. Now these guys on their own won’t do much but once activated a the single bird turns into three angry birds able to hit multiple targets and cover more ground. Next, you will get acquainted with the White angry birds. These are the bombers of the clan and drop egg bombs which do massive damage. The next bird you will meet is the Black angry birds. Now these guys are awesome. They are basically suicide bombers and explode upon contact and does the most damage of the game. Finally, you will then meet the final warrior which is the Green angry birds. They have a long beak like toucan. This beak allows them to boomerang backwards and they also pack quite a punch. The Angry Birds game is a very addicting game and one can easily spend hours playing it without even realizing it. One of the intriguing parts of the game that entices you to keep playing is the star ranking for each level. Depending how well you passed the level you can get either one two or three stars. Usually the best way to get three stars is to use the least amount of Angry Birds possible to pass the level. You can also acquire more points if needed by destroying as many of the pigs castle pieces as you can. As well as destroying certain special pieces that some levels have. There are also treasure chests to keep an eye out for and grab. Now there are special golden eggs to keep a look out for and whenever you see one do your best to get it, but pay close attention because they are very well hidden throughout the stages. One of the main goals of the game is to collect all the golden eggs.
If you are having trouble passing all the levels or maybe you are trying to achieve three stars on every level but just can’t seem to figure some levels out. Then you can search the web for guides and walkthroughs to help you out. Here at Angry Birds Game online we plan to update the site with full guides and walkthroughs. We also plan to provide walkthroughs to help you angry birds with finding all the golden eggs and of course tips on grabbing them.

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