Thứ Tư, 14 tháng 9, 2011

Angry Birds Game Released for Windows Phone 7

It’s about time, Angry Birds Games has finally been released for the Windows Phone 7. You can download and purchase it from the Windows Phone Marketplace for $2.99. Which is relatively high priced compared to the fact that Angry Birds game is free for the Android and only $.99 in the Apple App Store.
For those who haven’t already been hypnotized by the eighth wonder of the world, mobile world that is, here is the scoop. The Angry Birds game has you slingshot angry birds of different colors with different special abilities at structures providing cover for the green pigs who have stolen the birds eggs, hence why they are so angry.
Back in April at Microsoft’s Mix 11 conference they mentioned that the Angry Birds game will be released for Windows Phone 7 and gave a date of May 25th. Well that day came and went with no word of Angry Birds game. So what caused the delay? Speculation suggests that the delay was due to a controversy that Microsoft had with Rovio by using the Angry Birds logo without permission back in 2010 in an advertisement for the Windows Phone 7. This was way before the Angry Birds game was even planned for Windows Phone. But anyway, good news, it seems they have mended their disagreement and luckily for Microsoft and Windows Phone 7 users the game is finally available. With over 200 million downloads now, Angry Birds game is sure to help boost Windows Phone sales.
Stay tuned here at Angry Birds Game to get your fill of the latest and greatest about your favorite game Angry Birds and its creator Rovio. We are constantly updating our Angry Birds walkthrough section to help you get three stars on all levels. And check out our FanWear page for some fun Angry Birds merchandise.

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