Thứ Tư, 14 tháng 9, 2011

Angry Birds Game Free on the Web

Great news for those who have boring desk jobs with spare time on their hands. Angry Birds game is not available to play free on the web thanks to a partnership with Google and Rovio. The game that has taken the mobile world by storm, with over 200 million downloads and is available in almost every mobile platform is now venturing onto the world wide web. Soon Angry Birds game will be playable from any device that has internet capabilities.
On May 11 at Google’s conference Peter Vesterbacka, Rovio’s head honcho, accounced that Angry Birds game will be available in Chrome’s Web Store for free download and play. At first it sounded as though only Chrome users will be able to play the game, but to many fans benefit it is actually playable in any browser. All you have to do is go to and you’ll be on your way to the delightful world of pig popping. Although, we should comment that the web based game was specially made for Chrome and you can expect some imperfections with other browsers. For example, IE ran well, but FireFox and Opera ran it a bit laggy. Also the new Chrome levels will only be available through the Chrome browser. Another great feature of running it through Chrome is the ability to install the app in the browser through the Chrome Web Store giving it the ability to play Angry Birds game fully offline.
Angry Birds game on the web can be played with HD quality or Standard Definition that way more sluggish computers can enjoy smooth game play. All in all we are very impressed with the performance and feel of the game. Rovio’s CEO stated that he was very pleased with the way Google does business and the fact that they only asked for five percent of generated revenue, a fair and generous offer. So now you can play Angry Birds game anywhere, just make it look like you are browsing through files or something.
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