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Adventure World Cheats & Tips Guide

In Zynga's Adventure World, you'll explore volcanoes, search ruins, fight monsters, trek across mountains, wade through swamps, and eventually discover El Dorado itself! Adventure World is 40 times bigger than any of Zynga's other games, and its jam-packed with difficult puzzles and mysteries. That's where our Adventure World Cheats & Tips Guide comes in.

Adventure World is nothing like FarmVille, CityVille, or any of Zynga's other games. But luckily we have the Adventure World cheats and tips to get you through the game without a hitch. Whether you're an Adventure World know-it-all or you're just getting started, I guarantee you'll learn all kinds of cheats, tricks, and more from our Adventure World Cheats & Tips Guide.

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Do you have any more Adventure World Cheats & Tips? Or looking for friends to play the game with? Leave a post in the comments below!

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