Thứ Tư, 14 tháng 9, 2011

Angry Birds Game Now Available for the BalckBerry

With the popularity of the Angry Birds game today, no mobile platform will be successful with out it. Now that may sound like an exaggeration but incredibly it is not far from the truth. Luckily for BlackBerry and its users, RIM has finally announced that Angry Birds will soon be released for the PlayBook, their new tablet.
Research in Motion announced today at the BlackBerry World that their new tablet, the PlayBook, will be blessed with the Angry Birds Game. We are not sure yet when this will happen but we suspect that some where around two months is a good prediction. We also do not know if the PlayBook version will receive any unique stages or special extras. Looking at the fact that the versions released for the Android, PC, and Windows did not really recieve any exclusive extras, unfortunately the BlackBerry Playbook version will most likely not either.
BlackBerry is trailing behind Microsoft as Microsoft announced it’s upcoming release of Angry Birds game to the Windows Phone 7 back in February. By this time typically a games spark would be diminishing, espcially if the game is relatively the same from one episode to the next, but Angry Birds game popularity just keeps rising at an incredible constant rate. One would think that a game like this will eventually lose its thunder, but we could be wrong, could this game be the next tetris. Rovio has surely come a long way from its original games like the game US Marine Corps Scout Sniper for the Razor phones back in 2006. We could only hope that Rovio can pull another gem out of their hat, though with this much success they might not need to.

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