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Angry Birds Game Golden Eggs Walkthrough

Here you go all, Angry Birds game golden eggs walkthrough!

1 The egg is in the White Bird instruction screen. You can access it by pausing the game and going to the help menu.
2 – Mighty Hoax level 5-19: the egg is located all the way to the right side of the level and you can only see it if you shoot a bird as far as you can to the right. The best way to get the egg is by shooting a Yellow bird and activating it at the right time in order to reach the egg.
3 – Poached Eggs level 2-2: destroy the beach ball and you’ll get the egg.
4 Get three stars in all levels of Poached Eggs.
5 – From the main screen press the “I” button; you’ll have to watch the credits to the end and you’ll see the egg under the White Bird.

6 - Poached Eggs level 1-8: tap the treasure chest; you might have to tap it a few times for it to come out. If you are playing on a Mac or PC you’ll have to left click the treasure chest and then type “open”.
7 Get three stars in all levels of Mighty Hoax.
8 In the episode selection screen double tap the sun.
9 – Mighty Hoax level 4-7: The egg is on top of the cliff all the way to the right, use the Yellow Bird to reach it.
10 – Danger Above level 6-14: bounce the Yellow Bird off the tree or use the Green Bird to boomerang back and explode the yellow balloon under the tree house.
11 – In the level selection screen of Danger Above, scroll all the way to the right and you’ll get the egg.

12 Get three stars in all levels of Danger Above.
13 – Danger Above level 8-15: the egg is underneath the slingshot. You can get it by either bouncing a Yellow Bird off the trampoline or just use a Green Bird to boomerang back and get the egg.
14 – The Big Setup level 9-14: the egg is at the bottom right wearing a hard hat; use the Green Bird to get it.
15 – The Big Setup level 10-3: break the yellow ducky underneath the bridge.
16 – The Big Setup level 11-15: the egg is to the left below the slingshot, use the Green Bird to get it.
17 Get three stars in all the levels of The Big Setup.
18 – Ham ‘Em High level 12-12: this one is tough, you’ll have to break the trophy at the bottom middle of the stage.
19 – Ham ‘Em High level 13-10: the egg is hanging at the top right of the stage, sling a White Bird in that direction and tap the screen at the right time to send him flying up to hit the egg.
Super Bowl/Rio Egg – Ham ‘Em High level 13-12: sling a White Bird backwards and drop the egg on the backside of the hill.
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- Angry Birds Game Available In Intel AppUp Center and Mac App Stor
Hurray for all netbook and laptop owners. Rovio has announced the release of the Angry Birds game to the Intel AppUp center!

The Angry Birds game will cost $9.99 to download from the Intel AppUp center. If you want to get the Angry Birds game you can go to and download the Intel AppUp center. You Angry Birds game fans better act fast because Rovio is offering a special promotional offer for a limited time…half off the Angry Birds game!Rovio has included 195 levels with the initial download, and promises to offer new additional features and levels via updates to the Angry Birds game. The game will also include additional speacial features that are not found in the original mobile version of the game. The Intel AppUp center is a program that will allow users to look through catalogues of games and various applications that they can choose to purchase, download and install to their PCs. First you will need to download the AppUp center client and install it to your PC, then you can browse the market. If you want to purchase a game then you will have to create an account in order to make the purchase. The Intel AppUp center accepts most major credit cards. Another great feature of the Intel AppUp center is that it offers a 24 hour refund period for all purchases.
Now if that news wasn’t exciting enough, you can now also get the Angry Birds game for your Mac computers from the new Mac App Store!
The Angry Birds game will cost $9.99, and if you act fast you can take advantage of the limited time offer of half off! To get the Mac App Store just go into System Preferences and install the latest Software Update and then you can open the App Store. Just as the release for the Intel AppUp center this version of Angry Birds game will initially include 195 levels of greedy green pig popping fun, allowing for hours and hours of fun. There will also be new free special features that are not in the original mobile version along with free updates with additional levels and features when available.
Don’t miss out on the fun and excitement of these new Angry Birds game. You can have it with you every where you go. From your Mac Book at home to your cell phone on the road and to your PC at work…hehe! Get those eggs back!

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