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FrontierVille Kennel Goals: Everything you need to know

Remember how, at the launch of the Pet Store in FrontierVille, we were told that "soon" our new furry little canine friends would be able to help us out around the Homestead? Apparently, that ability will be coming sooner, rather than later, as FrontierVille has received a new set of goals associated with the newly released Kennel and Dog Training.

The first of these four new goals seems to work as more of a status check, to get all users up to the same level before moving on.

Have a Doghouse
Have a Pet Store
Place the Kennel

See? A really simple quest that gives you 250 Food and 4 Crooked Fences for completing it.
From there, you'll move onto Part II of IV, which requires you to actually complete a fair bit of work before moving on.

Chop Trees 30 times
Feed one of your Dogs 7 times
Collect 10 Rolled Up Newspapers

These Rolled Up Newspapers look to be collected via individual gift requests to friends, rather than a general News Feed post, but remember, that's subject to change. When you complete this mission, you'll receive two Apricot Trees and 250 XP.

This brings us to Part III of IV, which includes a completely different set of tasks, all of which are still fairly simple.

Visit 20 Neighbors
Tend 30 Adult Sheep on Your or your Neighbors' Homesteads
Send 1 Wishlist Item to a friend

For finishing this mission, you'll receive the Sudsy Tub decoration and 300 Food.

Finally, Part IV of IV has arrived, asking you to sell many of those Sheep you were just tending.

Harvest 50 Wheat
Sell 25 Adult Sheep
Collect 15 Pet Brushes

For the Pet Brushes, you'll need to post a general News Feed item asking all of your friends to send you the brushes, which gives you some time to go ahead and plant and harvest your Wheat (as News Feed items are notoriously harder to collect than individual gift requested items). For finishing this final mission, you'll receive the Poop Scoop item, which is part of the new Kennel Collection, and you'll also be rewarded with 400 Food.

While these missions don't technically deal with Dog Training, they must be completed all the same. We'll make sure to bring you a detailed guide over building the actual Kennel just as soon as we can, so keep checking back. Check out the details on how to build a Kennel in our new guide.

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What do you think of the requirements for these Kennel / Dog Training missions?

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