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FrontierVille Dog Training: Everything you need to know

Who would have thought just days ago, when we were all busy working on our Pet Shops, that the final product of Dog Training in FrontierVille would turn out to be such a complicated process? Even if you expected that it would be, we're finally be given the details as to what you'll need to do to train your Dogs, but everything starts with the Kennel and completing the Kennel Goals.

Once that's done, you'll be able to actually start training your Dogs in one of three skills - Digging (debris clearing), Hunting (Varmint clobbering) and Herding (animal tending). You'll need to train your Dog in each of these skills individually, with each skill triggering a three-part mission series to help your dog learn that particular skill. For instance, to teach your dog the Varmint Hunting skill, you'll need to complete the following three quests:

Part I:

Clobber Three Groundhogs while your Dog is following you
Clobber Three Snakes with Dog following
Collect 10 Varmint Hunting Permits

Part II:

Clobber Three Foxes with Dog following
Clobber Three Bears with Dog following
Collect 15 Varmint Hunting Certificates

Part III:

Complete Varmint Hunting Training on One Dog

For Part III of any skill teaching series, you'll simply need to head back to the beginning (to the window at the top of this post) and click on "Apply" to apply that particular skill to that specific Dog.

Once you've taught your Dog a skill, you'll be given yet another set of missions, which will see the Dog actually using its new skills (think of it as a sort of "retention" program, to see if your Dog has actually held onto its taught Skill). According to Zynga (as all of this information is incredibly new, and hasn't rolled out to many Homesteads), it looks like each of these final missions will only have three steps. What we do know is that they are repeatable, so that you can train more than one dog in the future. Here are the details for each skill:

A Huntin' Dog

Clobber 5 Bears with your Dog
Clobber 5 Groundhogs with your Dog
Clobber 5 Snakes with your Dog

A Herdin' Dog

Tend 10 Animals with your Dog
Make 10 Unready Animals "Ready" with your Dog (use boosts)
Tend 10 Adult Oxen with your Dog

A Diggin' Dog

Clear 5 Grass with your Dog
Clear 5 Wildflowers with your Dog
Clear 5 Stumps with your Dog

Remember, to activate yourself as your dog, just click on the Dog and follow the directions posted in our guide.

Unfortunately, the details as to training the other two skills (Digging and Herding) haven't been released (other than the final goal carried out by your Dog). We'll make sure to update this space when we know what those two skills entail, but for now, you can start planning ahead for when this feature launches in your game - make sure you have plenty of trees, crops, and Adult Oxen ready on your land - you're going to need them!

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