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Cafe World Aloha Joe and Lisa Goals: Everything you need to know

The romantic saga of Espresso Joe and Lisa Latte, two characters in Cafe World, continues now as Zynga has released a new eight part mission series in the game that sees you preparing your cafe for an Hawaiian Party. Why? Well, it appears as though Joe and Lisa just returned from a great vacation to Hawaii, and they've brought you a gift. However, you won't receive said gift(s) until your cafe is ready to hold a properly themed party.

These goals are called "Aloha, Joe and Lisa," and they start with an incredibly simple set of three tasks [pictured]:

Own a Large Tiki Mask
Own a Surfboard Collection
Have 2 Leis

Both the Tiki Mask and the Surfboard Collection are decorative items, which are available to purchase from the store for 9,250 coins each. Meanwhile, you'll be able to send out individual gift requests for the two Leis. Note that these Leis work as a sort of "RSVP" for the "return from Hawaii" event, so you'll only be able to ask the same friend to send you additional Leis every 46 hours (weird number, I know, but unfortunately that's the way it is). Finishing this first goal gives you 100 Cafe Points and 100 coins as a reward.

Part II of VIII continues to leave your stoves free of food, as you'll be serving drinks instead.

Serve Orange Juice 30 Times
Spice 2 of your Neighbors' Dishes
Have 1 Flowerprint Surfboard

The Flowerprint Surfboard is a fairly large item costing 40,000 coins. Meanwhile, Orange Juice is part of your Drink Bar, and can be served to at least nine guests each time you prepare it (depending on your mastery), with a single preparation costing 43 Energy. For finishing this quest, you'll receive the same bonus as before - 100 coins and 100 Cafe Points.

Part III of VIII is where things become a bit more time consuming, as you'll actually have to ask your friends to send you items in bulk.

Serve Loco Moco 10 Times
Ask for 5 Taro Leaves
Ask for 7 Ti Leaves

Loco Moco can either be served from your Gift Box, or you can cook it and wait 20 hours to serve it. Meanwhile, you'll need to ask your friends to send you the 12 food ingredients necessary to finish this quest. Doing so will reward you with the Lau Lau dish, which is a traditional Hawaiian dish made of pork.

Part IV of VIII marks the halfway point, and it sees you putting your new Lau Lau recipe to good use (as if we could have expected anything less).

Serve Lau Lau 15 Times
Ask for 5 Salmon Filets
Ask for 7 Tomatoes

Yet another recipe is up for grabs at the end of this quest, with this second new recipe being Lomi Lomi Salmon. Of course, this is another traditionally themed dish, and you'll need to cook it for our next step in this quest line.

Part V of VIII rewards you with the third and final recipe of this quest set, although you're still a long way from the finish.

Serve Lomi Lomi 15 Times
Ask for 10 Corn Starch
Ask for 5 Coconut Milks

Yet another set of collection tasks - you know how these work by now. Simply ask your friends for these items via individual gift requests, and hope that it doesn't take too long for them to respond. Finishing this quest gives you the Haupia recipe, which is a Hawaiian dessert, often found at luaus (which makes sense, since we are preparing for a party here).

Part VI of VIII, as you might have guessed, asks you to serve your new dessert dish, and also asks you to restock your Salad Bar, just in case you don't normally do that already.

Serve Haupia 15 Times
Restock your Salad Bar 5 Times
Ask for 5 Projector Bulbs

While you'll likely need to spend some time waiting for the Haupia to cook either way, if you'd still like to knock out the Salad Bar requirement as quickly as possible, just remember to choose the "10 servings" option when restocking it. That way, it will run out of food as quick as possible, allowing you to restock four more times that much faster.

In Part VII of VIII, we're getting closer to the finale, but we're also back to the point where Leis and individual neighbor requests might become a real concern.

Master Lau Lau Recipe to Level 1
Master Lomi Lomi Recipe to Level 1
Have 7 Leis

Remember, you'll only be able to ask the same friend for a Lei once every (almost) two days. For the two mastery tasks, their difficulty really depends on how many stoves you have available to cook dishes at once, and on how diligent you are to always have food cooking.

Finally, Part VIII of VIII has you mastering the third and final dish of this event, along with asking for even more Leis, which could prove (together) to be a very lengthy process, depending on your persistence.

Master Haupia to Level 1
Spice 6 of your Neighbors' Dishes
Have 15 Leis

Remember, your best bet is to prioritize who you're going to ask for Leis each time you do so, as you won't be able to ask them again for almost two days. That is, you'd want to ask those that you know are dependable for your first two leis, so that you can spend the days in between letting them reset. You wouldn't want to ask people that may or may not help you for the first quest, as you'll have wasted those two days waiting for them to respond, to no avail.

When everything is said and done, you will have leaned all about Joe and Lisa's Hawaiian Vacation, and will apparently come out better for it. Even if you only complete these goals for the new recipes, and not for the new decorations, you'll still be able to show off your new prizes with pride to all of your friends, so make sure to start completing these goals while they're still available (no exact time limit was specified).

What do you think of this new goal series in Cafe World? Do you like the love-story that has played out between Joe and Lisa, or would you rather your cooking be left without a story?

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