Thứ Bảy, 22 tháng 10, 2011

Playstation Plus: What's the deal?

Don't get me wrong: I'm not another one of those idiots who completely disses a service without having a clue, or any reason to base it on. I generally don't speak up until something is actually up, and with Playstation Plus, I can't avoid the feeling that we're getting screwed now.

The first couple of months were fine: I liked ALL of the content I was given, I rarely buy anything off the PSN store - so it was a nice change of pace for me. Like others, I felt impulsed to go all out and get the year's subscription - something which I thought I'd look forward to. The only downside I could have seen was that I was on the European PSN Store, which is notorious for getting screwed over by the Japanese and American Stores. However, while this was still an issue, I was completely satisfied with all the content at my disposal: until I saw the list of "goodies" to be put on for November, and realized that the stuff we were getting monthly was slowly decreasing in quality AND quantity. Don't get me wrong: I LOVED the little treats we get randomly every month - particularly the Fallout 3 DLC, which if you still had the old game WITHOUT DLC was money in the bank. All this was great, but if you take a step back and look, the PS+ crew seem to be struggling to supply decent content monthly, and only giving the best stuff as they see fit. It makes me feel unwanted, like an extra weight that people have to shove anything towards in order to fulfill a "promise" hastily.

Maybe it's just me: I don't take advantage of the discounts given because I don't own the game or want the DLC, and sometimes I don't download the tiny light-content minis - nothing seems to jump out at me anymore, and only in random slots during the month do we see some quality games. It HAS been a while since PS+ came out, what I think we need is a change. Remember how they said PS+ was an "evolving" service? It needs to evolve RIGHT NOW. I'm not talking just hand-me-down games forgotten in the PSN library - I mean something BIG, that will make people proud to own PS+. Like a new feature, perhaps - I mean, the only noteworthy ones we have right now are automatic downloads and the little PS+ symbol on our friends list (which is probably the only one ON your list >.<).

Not too many people seem to have PS+. It didn't exactly get the biggest kickstart this summer, and I've noticed that for some odd reason, people are starting to buy into the idea NOW of all times. This is a critical time for PSN: if they announce a new feature before christmas panic sets in, more people will get it and we will get more from our hard-earned cash. If they leave it too late, all the money will go to christmas presents for children (boooo!! :D)

There are many features that Sony could incorporate into PS+. After all, they have neglected to add them to the ordinary PSN, so why not PS+? Possible features could be like cross-game chat, PS+ Home (an executive lounge for hardcore gamers :D), the ability to change your PSN name, storing back-up saves to your PSN ID, bonus features for playstation-exclusive games, and the ability to download something WHILE you play a game.

There are tons of ideas that can help attract people to PS+, and make people who have it glad they paid for it. It's getting stale now, and something needs to be done to spice it up before it's too late!

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