Thứ Năm, 20 tháng 10, 2011

My gaming thoughts

Firstly I would like to talk about game reviews and why they dont matter to you individualy. Like everyone the reviewer has an opinion and thats not to say hes wrong but not everyone will agree with him. Just because one person doesn't like a story in a game doesn't mean you won't. Its the same principal with films, you should always try it for yourself. I do understand though that some people rely on reviews for there gaming purchases because they may not have the funds to buy games just on a hunch or a reviewers recomendation. My advice is to read a few reviews but also maybe wait for a few reviews off actual gamers not journalists, you should then be able to get a feel of what the game will be like and if you will enjoy it. It might come as a shock to people but "killzone 3" may not be to everyones taste and taking offence to reviews is a waste of valuable gaming time of which I don't get alot of these days.

In November like most people I bought Black Ops, after a few games I was thinking what the hell have I bought. I've been playing Cod games since number one and for me the series peaked with the amazing Modern Warfare, that game was perfection. It had an amazing single player with some truly memeroble moments, but it was the multi player that made the game great. So whats happened to the Cod series then, they have messed up big time thats what. Instead of making a polished game that works they have decided to cram in as much as they could and forgotten to actually make the game playablem, but most importantly enjoyable. After about a month I traded Blops in and re purchased Cod4 and I would love to say that I havn't looked back but I have. When the new maps were released I bought it again, so i've now spent nearly a hundred pounds on a game that I am not really enjoying even with the inclusion of the new maps. For me the main problem is the players, its just a campfest. Every corner there is someone with a claymore waiting for some unfortunat person to walk past and boom your dead. I'm not saying camping is such a bad thing but with every new Cod theres even more campers due to the fact that theres more and more new gamers buying consoles just for cod and thats the tactic of choice. ITS DAMN ANNOYING.

Lastly I would like to talk about exclusives on the PS3 and why they look better than 360 games. The simple fact is that the PS3 and 360 are very close interms of power no matter what the fanboys think. Sony are spending alot of money on there exclusives, Look at the biggest microsoft exclusive "halo", Reach is basicaly running on an engine that was used on the original xbox that has been updated over the years. Another xbox exclusive Alan Wake was origianly desighned for the PC then microsost bought the publishing rights and made it a 360 exclusive. It looked fantastic but wasn't up there with the best the PS3 could offer. The ps3 is has a slight advantage but its miniscule, if micrososft paid a developer to desighn a game from the ground up for the 360 we would see a different outcome which brings me to kingdoms. Now i'm not saying this is going to destroy the PS3 interms of graphics but I do think your going to see what the 360 can actually do. Untill then I hope killzone 3 will keep me occupied because Blops is a huge dissapointment for the second time.

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