Thứ Sáu, 14 tháng 10, 2011

People aren't finishing video games? DUH!

don't know about you but this is such a dumb and obvious thing. I read a couple of articles on some gaming sites that were talking about a study that said most people don't finish games. My answer is DUH! Of course most people don't finish games! Why? because too many games get released at the same time period among other reasons. Let me explain.

You see most video games publishers have certain periods where they release a ton of games within a week of each other, mainly during the pre and post holiday period. Look at this year alone, there's at least 8 must have games released in November alone and what are the odd people are going to finish them all before the next big must owns come out in January?. I am also guilty of not finishing games myself. My JRPG collection is mostly unfinished because new games come along and draw me away from them and they just sit there waiting for me to have the time to play them once again.

Then there's the fact that most modern gamers have a life outside of video games. These people just don't have as much free time to play as a guy like me who does nothing but play video games and my best mate is one of those kinds of people. He works 12 hours a day, 5 days a week and only has the weekends to himself and you know what he does? Sleeps most of it and spends time with friends and family. He has 34 games on PS3 and has only finished 7 of them... since he bought the PS3 on release!

Plus 2 out of every 10 gamers rent games and they usually don't re-rent them after that weekend they rented it for because they don't have the money or one of the previous 2 factors. Also don't forget the people who make the most of game retailers 7 days to return policy where you buy it and can bring it back within 7 days for a full refund or store credit(EB Games loves only giving you credit instead of cash).

When it comes to my game collection personally the only games I haven't finished are some JRPGs, some NES games, Mass Effect 2 and Dead Space 2. I'd say about 92% of my game collection has been finished so it's not too big a ratio for me but I'm sure we all have a pile of shame we're still working on during each video games drought. We'd probably be done now with our piles of shame if developers would stop repackaging games every year with a bigger number(*cough* MW3 *cough* Battlefield 3 *cough* sports games period *cough!*) or at least give their franchise a break for 2 or 3 years(looking at you Ubisoft and Assassin's Creed)!

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