Thứ Hai, 17 tháng 10, 2011

Mortal Kombat 9 Impressions

Not just after getting our hands on the demo, we were already pumped up for the game since the day 1 that it had been announced. MK fans are quite unique in the gaming world. They are crazy about the game as many fans are about theirs but MK fans are much more influencing and powerful than them all. Game developer Ed Boon said that they listened to those fans and switched back to 2-D fighting with gore and fatalities making a return on the series.

As you may know, the game was launched last week on April 21st in Europe and since that day MK fans are having sleep problems. How they wouldn't ? MK 9 is a BEAST ! The game is full of content and joy. I already knew that it would be full of joy but the content ?

The story mode is a joke... In a good way of course. It's quite long and full of exciting events - and fights -. I actually thought the story mode will be a short one and not a good one. I was wrong. The story mode not only let's you get your hands on most of the characters in the game and learn their ways of fighting, it also let's you know how the roster got together in MK 9.

The challenge tower mode is quite unique and useful in earning points for the krypt and learning the characters' moves. It is quite long and challenging as well.

The classic arcade mode, 2 v 2 fights, rich versus modes and online content makes the game full of exciting content. Unfortunately I couldn't get my hands on the online modes because of the PSN disaster recently.

The content is impressive but gameplay is even more impressive. The way you can link up the combos is so good , you can create many combinations and do some real damage in the battles. Linking the special attacks into x-ray moves, corner combos, breaking up combos in a fast paced environment increases the level of adrenaline. Gameplay wise , MK is one of the best fighting games ever released if not the best.

One of the other things that I liked about the game is the balance of power of the characters in the game. All of them are unique in terms of their fighting styles. Although there would be people who would argue some characters are so superior or weaker against others, I believe otherwise. I am sure I would see a great nightwolf player and a shitty nightwolf player where as a great scorpion and a shitty scorpion player and etc..

There is not much to say other than playing the game, enjoying it, ripping some heads off, trying to pull of some improbable combos, enjoying how the skulls are broken in x-ray moves and blood splatter in fatalities.

Have fun everybody !

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