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FarmVille Sneak Peek: Santa Cat, Yakut Horse, Silver Rabbit et al

    Yakut Horse     Silver Rabbit     Yakut Foal     Santa Cat
Just in case you were ever fearful of Zynga being done with the Holidays in FarmVille, stop it. Now. FarmVille Freak has found a slew of unreleased items in the game for us to ogle. This time around, we have the Candy Cane Chicken, a beautifully colored hen with striped tail feathers, and a cute, twitchy Silver Rabbit that looks almost as if its wearing camouflage. Rounding out the list are the Yakut Horse and Foal, the unofficial Fabio of the horse world, and a fittingly festive Santa Cat with red cap and bow. While it's unsure when exactly these items will be released, I imagine they will be released sometime before Christmas considering two of these animals are holiday-themed.

[Image Credit: FarmVille Freak]

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What do you think of the soon-to-be-released animals? Which one will you be going for first when they finally make way into the game?

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